- Gifts & delivery
- Groceries
- Prescription medication delivery
- Take vehicle in for maintenance and repairs
- Courthouse errands
- Return or exchange items
- Date reminder services
- Water plants
- Pet care
- Periodic home/property check
- Collect the mail and newspaper
- Wedding Officiant to preside at your Austin Style wedding
- Await deliveries and repairmen and monitor the quality of their work
- Gather a minimum of 3 estimates for home repairs and other services
- Coordinate house moves including: arrange moving truck and movers, packing and unpacking, arranging utilities, coordinating school transfers, and locating and establishing veterinary care


- Transportation to medical or other appointments
- Wellness checks
- Budget monitoring assistance
- Assist with paperwork for Government or Health Insurance
- Complementary needs assessment focusing on 5 areas for case management services.
Social / Housing / Education / Financial / Health. Client centered case management built on individual strengths.


- Security check
- Property prepared for sale or repair
- Errands for staff
- Doing those odd jobs all companies have
- Courier services


Wedding Officiant

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